How to install DHCP Server on Windows Server 2019

In the simplest sense, DHCP allows clients to automatically obtain ip, dns, default gateway information. DHCP allows you to define static ip on clients side or devices that need static ip. In this way, the IP address on the pool is reserved for that device without getting another device. DHCP Server installation is simple and easy to use. This article describes step-by-step installation on Windows Server 2019.

You can have DHCP create multiple scopes. My suggestion is to move the devices on your network to different vlans and thus to ease the network broadcast traffic. For example, printer, ip cameras, acces points. To give more examples, if you are working in a large organization. Sales, human resources, accounting, software group, such as departments within the company can separate.This section provides a step-by-step step-by-step description of setting up a DHCP over Windows Server 2019. This service is used for ip distribution of other devices in your network environment.
The first step is to click Server Manager.

Click to “Add roles and features”.

Click the next button on the screen that opens.

Click the next button without making any changes to the settings.

In the Server Roles section, select DHCP server.

Click the next button without making any changes to the settings.

Click to Next

Click to install

Click “Complete DCHP Server configuration” for DHCP Server configuration.

Next button is clicked on the screen that opens.

The authorization is entered with an authorized account.

Click to Close.

DHCP Server Configurations

In this section, the newly installed DHCP will be configured.

Right-click IPV4 and select the new scope option.

Enter Scope Name

Enter the range of addresses that the scope distributes.

Add Exclusions and Delay. Clickto next

Enter Lease Duration.

Enter Default Gateway IP Address

Write the second domain controller ip address or hostname.

If you have a wins server, enter the ip address.

If yes, the scope will be activated immediately.

Scope creation completed.

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