How to export and import thumbnailphoto via powershell

How to export and import thumbnailphoto from active directory powershell

Many time-consuming processes are shortened by means of Powershell. Exchange Server, Skype for Bussines, Share Point applications on the Active Directory thumbnails upload process, users outlook profiles, Share Point and Skype for Bussines images to be displayed.
In this way, it only displays the photographs of the personnel working in remote locations while reading e-mails. You can do these operations very easily through powershell and application.

Method One:

You can upload a single account with the following powershell command for the photo upload process.

Set-UserPhoto -Identity “Johnd” -PictureData ([System.IO.File]::ReadAllBytes(“C:\upload\johd.jpg”))
Method Two:

With AD Photo edit Free edition, you can upload to individual accounts for free.With AD Photo edit Free edition, you can upload to individual accounts for free. Batch import and export features are available in the paid version of the application.
Application usage; The Active Directory account automatically finds the user name in the name section on the Standard Tab. Click the Edit Image button.

Application Download Link

AD Photo Edit Free Edition Screen
AD Photo Edit Free Edition Screen

Through the opened window; If the photo is available on the left, you can view. In the options on the right side, you can upload new photos. To upload a new image, select the image to upload. The recommended picture size is less than 10 KB. The limit size of the application is 100 KB. Once the photo is selected, you can adjust the height and width in this section. In the Quality section, you can adjust the quality of the photo. After completing the process, simply press the OK button. This completes the photo upload process.

AD Photo edit upload photo
AD Photo edit upload photo

You can export the photos in Active Directory collectively through the command below. For this process, the Active Directory Powershell application is run as run as administrator. Create New Folder on domain controller name is: “Export”

$list=GET-ADuser –filter * -properties thumbnailphoto

Foreach ($User in $list)



If ($User.thumbnailphoto)



[System.Io.File]::WriteAllBytes($Filename, $User.Thumbnailphoto)



It is explained that the pictures are exported in detail on the video.

Active Directory install and Configuration

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