How to install Windows Server 2019

How to install Windows Server 2019. This article describes step-by-step installation of Windows Server 2019. Windows Server 2019 is the most current host version produced by Microsoft.After downloading Windows Server 2019 iso file, boot your server or virtual server via iso file.

You can download the trial version of Windows Server 2019 through this link. Download link

I recommend that you try Windows Server 2019 installation and its features.

The operating system language is available via the Windows Setup screen that opens. Download the iso file by selecting the operating system language from where you downloaded it. The Time and currency format section represents time and currency. Select the option that is appropriate for your country. In the Keyboard or input method section, the keyboard to be used is selected.

After the selections are completed, next button is clicked.

Click Install now.

Windows Server 2019 version to be installed is selected.

The first option on Windows Server 2019 is a nano version without windows interface. The second option is the graphical version of windows server 2019. Version with graphical interface will be installed. After selecting the version with graphical interface, next button is clicked. When the selection is made you must read the explanation section. Detailed information can be found in this description.

The license agreement is accepted. Next button is clicked.

There are two options on the installation type screen. Upgrade: upgrade your existing windows server operating system to Windows Server 2019. In the following sections, a detailed explanation will be given for this subject. We will select Custom for our clean installer.

This section performs the disc creation process. Next button is clicked.

Windows installation files are copied on the incoming screen and the installation process continues.

The last step is the Administrator password. Finish button is clicked.

Windows server 2019

You can access Active Directory installation on Windows Server 2019 via this link.

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