How to install ADSelfService Plus Client

ADSelfService Plus Client is used for password change process via client via windows. You can install ADSelftService Plus Client automatically from the ADSelfService Plus console. If you have Manage Engine Desktop Central application, you can install the installation file via bin folder and get msi package. In the same selection, the group policy can also be performed. The following articles will explain step-by-step installation through both Manage Engine Desktop central and group policy.

One of the most important advantages of the application is the ability to change the password from the windows login screen. If we need to give an example, the user can change the password through the questions entered when he forgot his password. Likewise, in case of account lockout, the same steps are taken and the transaction is provided.

If you want to install manually. You can access the bin folder.

You can access the installation files via the directory “C: \ManageEngine\ADSelfService Plus\bin”

The Confguration option is selected for installation via Console. GINA /MAC /Linux (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) is selected via Administrative Tools.

Select GINA / Mac / Linux (Ctrl+Alt+Del) Installation from the page that opens.

Select the client to be installed and click the install button. If you cannot view new clients on this console. Click on Domain Settings.

Domain settings are made in the domain settings section.

The opened domain settings “Update domain object “is selected. All options are selected from the Details section.

Agent installation on the selected computers is completed.

In order for the system to work actively, you need to log in with your user account and fill out the security questions.

Question selections are made and information is filled.

The Windows agent is displayed on the logon screen. Click Reset Password.

Reset password option is selected from the pop-up screen.

Enter the user name for the password change.

The previously created answers are entered.

The new password is entered.

You will see that the password has changed successfully.

The other videos I have prepared for ADSelfService Plus can be found on the youtube playlist.

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