How to Remote Shutdown/Restart Patch Deployment via Manage Engine Desktop Central

You can send patch automatically with Manage Engine Desktop Central application. Remote Shutdown/Restart operation after windows update is explained.

In this section, the second method update distribution, which I mentioned earlier in my article, will be explained.
First of all, we will create automatic path distribution task. We will not restart automatically. Windows update installation process will be performed as a priority for the Restart process, only the restart process will be performed with the task we will create in the last part.

This task is used for server restart.

Patch Mgment – Deployment – Automate Patch Deployment – Click Automate Patch Task

Enter Task Name:

Click to Microsoft update and select update type.
After Click Third Party Updates select update type.

You can choose from this screen if you only want to send updates to certain applications.

After the update is released in the Deployment section, you can install it later by entering the day.

In this section, a policy is created for the update time of updates.
Click Create /Modify Policy

Click to Create Policy.

Enter Policy Name. Select Weeks and select days. Click Next.
Enter Time.

Select Automatically Wake computers before deployment

Select Do not Reboot /Shutdown

Select Created Policy.

Select the groups to which Policy applies.

In the Filter Computer based on section, you can create a custom group and add computers.

Error and deployment status is sent as e-mail.

Windows Deployment task creation process is complete.
Select Tools. Click Remote Shutdown

Select Schedule Shutdown. Click to Add Shutdown Task

Enter Task Name:

Select restart.

Click Force Shutdown /Restart

Select which group to apply a restart policy to. Click to Configure Scheduler

Select The time period in which to restart is selected.
Enter the time at which it will run.
Which week and which day to restart is selected.
The months to be repeated are selected.

After Click to save.

Restart task has been created.

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How to Automate Patch Deployment via Manage Engine Desktop Central

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