How to Add Domain Manageengine Desktop Central 10

In this section, the first step after Manage Engine Desktop Central installation is add domain or workgroup. You can add more than one domain to Manageengine. a separate article on this topic will be written on the following topics. Application. You can access detailed information about the application through the link.

Click Admin – Domain

Add Domain

Enter Add Domain information:

Domain Name: It is mandatory to fill in the Domain Name field. Netbios name or pre-2000 name information is entered.
Network Type: Select Active Directory option.
Domain User Name: In the Domain User Name section, an account with domain admin authority must be defined. This account will manage the computers on the domain. My suggestion is to open a service account with domain admin authority.
AD Domain Name: The DNS name of the Active Directory domain is entered.
Domain Controller Name: Domain Controller computer name.

Adding domains successfully completed.

The second step is to add the computers that are located on the active directory after adding the domain.

Admin – SoM Policy

Enable to check box “Detect and Add New Computers.
After this option is enabled, it provides automatic agent installation to the computers on the active directory. If only alert is enabled, it will notify you.

The Delete inactive computers check box is activated.The computer automatically removes objects that have been removed from Active Directory or have not been used for a long time and provide information through the system.

The number of days allowed to be disabled via the domain is entered. I’ve set the definition here for 30 days. Sends alert as e-mail. Of course, you can get the information properly by configuring the configuration for this process.

Configure Alerts screen.

In the Schedule Sync settings section, it performs a daily OU scan on the active directory and new objects are detected. In the Domain OU section, select the OUs to be scanned. The Notification Settings section determines the address to which notifications go.

You can access other content for Manage Engine Desktop Central via this link.

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