Configuration Self Update Layout on ADSelfService Plus

How to Configuration Self Update Layout on ADSelfService Plus

One of the best features of ADSelfService Plus is the ability to update name information as a self service layout. You can add the fields you want to update with the drag-and-drop method. Except for the default attributes, the attibutes on AD can be custom defined to the system. It takes time for system administrators and IT Professionals to update personnel information via the active directory. Of course, bulk update is possible via powershell. However, this application can be done individually by the user through this application. You can force the user to fill in the fields as required by defining the fields that are required to be updated in the application settings.

You can access the Self Update Layout from the menu below.

Configuration – Self Service – Directory Self Service – Self Update Layout

Click the edit button in the window that opens.

The default attribute list on the application. User information on Active Directory is categorized into 4 categories on the application. User Profile, Contact, Address, Organization information.

In the Custom attributes section, you can add attributes on the AD that you requested. For example, other mobile attributes. You can access all attributes on the Active Directory via Active Directory allows you to create custom attributes on your own. If you need to update these fields to users, you can easily add to the application.

This feature of the app is very handy, so my personal idea is that it is well thought out by people who develop the app.

After the process is completed, we will also provide control over the user-side interface. On the screen image, the other mobile phone section appears to have arrived.
When the Edit button is clicked, the information becomes available.

The other videos I have prepared for ADSelfService Plus can be found on the youtube playlist.

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